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StaticWeb 0.2

StaticWeb 0.2 is available for download.

This release is the second release of StaticWeb:

  • Patch from Darren Willis applied to allow multiple pages to be created simultaneously
  • New functionality added to allow multiple content sources to be used by mapping them in the .keyword files
  • Everything seems usable / No major problems
  • StaticWeb

    StaticWeb is a very simple but quite flexbile static content management tool. It's primary goal is to allow a user to quickly build a static HTML website with a clear seperation between the design and the content.

    StaticWeb uses a number of text based configuration files which the user can edit to produce the desired design and content. For each page there can be a template file, a content file, a keyword replacement file and dynamic replacement file, or you can use the same set for for multiple pages. It's often helpful to be able to have a different template for specific pages which is one of StaticWebs main strengths.

    StaticWeb was used to generate this website which helps to give you an idea of what can be easily achieved.


    StaticWeb is released under the Ruby License.


    You can view the documentation for the current release online. Documentation is also included in the source distribution.

    CVS Access

    You can access the StaticWeb CVS. Check out the module StaticWeb from the server. The details are available at the RubyForge project site.

    Getting Help

    Please use StaticWeb help forum.

    Getting Involved

    The development related discussions takes place on the developer's mailing list. Follow the link to subscribe.


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